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I'm really seriously looking forward to getting a more-finished production-quality review unit delivered to our office, which should happen just in time for the holiday season pre-orders will ship 6 months from now. I already like the Ovis' feature -set enough to consider it, but if. 06/01/2019 · ForwardX is now putting Ovis Suitcase into production, and the suitcase will be widely available by the first half of 2019 with a retail price of $799. When a user encounters stairs or an escalator, they place their hand on the Ovis Suitcase handle to engage manual mode. Self driving luggage. That's essentially what the Ovis is. From the company ForwardX, the Ovis is a smart luggage that has motorized wheels to stick by your side while you travel. 06/01/2018 · ForwardX Robotics, which previously raised $10 million in series A funding, just closed its series B funding round with another $20 million. With the Ovis Suitcase, ForwardX Robotics aims to provide customers with high-tech, hassle-free travel experiences, so they don’t have to worry about luggage issues on the go.

08/01/2018 · The ForwardX CX-1 suitcase followed me around CES 2018. Meet the ForwardX CX-1, a self-propelled suitcase that will tag along behind you through airports and hotels, and doesn't even want a. All Airlines Friendly Auto Follow World's Top Manufacturer Charge On-The- Check out 'Ovis: 1st AI-Powered Suitcase Following by Side' on Indiegogo. 自動で動くスースケースOvisは、搭載されたカメラでうつした映像から環境の3次元情報とカメラの位置を同時に推定する技術であるVSLAM(Visual SLAM)と、ForwardX社の人工ニューラルネットワークをあわせて開発された。.

The Ovis, an autonomous carbon fiber suitcase, is being billed as the world's first "vision-powered carry-on." San Jose-based robotics company ForwardX equipped the luxury luggage with Computer Vision that can recognize its user and analyze surroundings. Trendy Gadget Review insightful and daily updates is the Best Way to Discover Trendy Gadgets And Hottest Crowdfunding Projects.

30/05/2018 · The Ovis suitcase will be “The world's first vision-powered side-follow carry-on that follows you by side autonomously,” ForwardX says. In plain English, that means it uses sensors to avoid running into stuff while it drives along next to you. Pretty cool—if they can actually get it to work. Yeah. Because the smart luggage industry isn't suffering. One company forget the name of the top of my head already went out of business. Unless they make the battery removable you can't check the bag onto some major US airlines. 位于北京的高科技公司 ForwardX 灵动科技在 Indiegogo 中国团队的帮助下成功为 Ovis 行李箱筹集了130多万美金,顺利进军全球市场. 15/06/2018 · Well, according to Beijing-based startup ForwardX Robotics, that's just what its motorized Ovis suitcase is able to do. Among other things, the Ovis is equipped with two brushless electric motors one driving each rear wheel, multiple video cameras, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip running artificial intelligence-based computer vision algorithms.

Check out the first AI-Powered Suitcase OVIS created by ForwardX. OVIS is here to change the idea of a suitcase and turn it into a smart companion! CLICK HERE to find out more about OVIS and where to pick up one! DopeTech Approved! Ovis, the world's first vision-powered side-follow carry-on is now live on Indiegogo. The suitcase is TSA approved, has a removable battery and can charge on-the-go. Ovis's Qualcomm snapdragon 835 Chip runs artificial neural network for Computer Vision algorithms which allows Ovis to follow automatically & avoid obstacles while in motion. ForwardX Taps into Audience of Early Adopters to Crowdfund $1.3M. ForwardX Robotics, headquartered in Beijing, used crowdfunding to reach the global market. They raised over $1.3 million for the Ovis suitcase thanks to Indiegogo's global marketing reach.

Ovis is the 1st AI-powered suitcase that follows you and is TSA Approved with self-follow, obstacle avoidance, power bank, tracking alarm, weight sensor & more. 28/07/2018 · Ovis in Latin, that means sheep can follow behind you and right alongside you: no wristband or remote control required. A ForwardX spokesperson claimed that while other prototypes have touted similar tracking capabilities, Ovis is the first suitcase of its kind to go to market with truly autonomous side-follow functionality. The latest Tweets from ForwardX Robotics @ForwardXRobo. As an AI engined robotic company with leading experts, ForwardX specializes in R&D of computer vision robots that apply to consumer and business products. 29/05/2018 · And along with its crowdfunding campaign, ForwardX has also launched a new name for the suitcase. No longer is it the CX-1 — now, it’s the Ovis. “[This is] the first time a suitcase has been implanted with a pair of eyes and brain,” said Nicolas Chee, CEO of FowardX Robotics. 06/01/2019 · LAS VEGAS, Jan. 06, 2019 GLOBE NEWSWIRE -- ForwardX Robotics, the global artificial intelligence and mobile robotics company committed to delivering the most intelligent and intuitively designed robotics, will showcase the Ovis Suitcase,.

The Ovis site claims the luggage comes with enough power to last two round-trips, and you can always switch to manual mode and carry the bag the old fashion way by gripping its handle. ForwardX recently acquired a series A funding of $10 million, and Ovis is currently on sale on Indiegogo for a pre-oder price of $319 a 60-percent savings on its full price of $799. Email: info@ Email: info@ Contact 08:00 - 17:00. This self-driving smart-suitcase, known as Ovis, will faithfully follow its owner around using a series of sensors to avoid collisions. The Beijing-based company ForwardX has also incorporated a GPS tracker in the $799 £625 case which comes with a wristband that vibrates if the luggage is more than 2m away. Ovis is designed with style, convenience, security, and functionality which makes use of self-driving technology to estimate route and direction and having the ability to avoid potential obstacle with a deviation precision of about 1cm. It features a built-in shelving system which allows you to stay organized on the go and store items for your. Ovis is the world’s first vision-powered artificial intelligence carry-on luggage that can follow users from behind and can move autonomously on the side throughout the airport. This suitcase, which is TSA-approved, was developed by ForwardX, a company that specializes in the development of robotic edge computing operating software and hardware for consumers and businesses.

30/03/2018 · Ovis is the world's first vision-powered auto-follow carry-on. Made for the new generation of travelers, Ovis by ForwardX is bringing the smartest, simplest, and most elevated travel experience to the new age.ForwardX Robotics - - Rated 2.9 based on 19 Reviews "I order Ovis set from 17.9 and until now you not ship it to me yet, even can't follow how it going.Moving beside users, as opposed to behind users, Ovis remains in sight at all times, providing a true hands-free and worry-less travel experience. The robotics technology built into the suitcase brings inseparable following into reality. Ovis by ForwardX, carry on to the next level.

Welcome to Online Volunteers Information System OVIS. OVIS offers the following functionalities: - Secured access rights and data confidentiality. - Facility to upload the volunteers to be checked. - Data validation and Verification. - Probable matches based on volunteers' names and gender. Ovis, the world’s first vision-powered side-follow carry-on is now live on Indiegogo. The suitcase is TSA approved, has a removable battery and can charge on-the-go. Ovis’s Qualcomm snapdragon 835 Chip runs artificial neural network for Computer Vision algorithms which allows Ovis to follow automatically & avoid obstacles while in motion. 01/06/2018 · >>ForwardX, a luggage manufacturer, has raised $10 million in financing. Its soon-to-debut Ovis brand luggage uses cameras and object-recognition software to follow a traveler around, by their side, like a dog. CDH Venture and Eastern Bell Venture Capital led the round.

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